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Frequently Asked Questions

CANNVUS uses AI and digital psychology to help 30M patients find the right cannabis medicine.

Halal (حلال‎ ḥalāl) means permissible. The opposite is Haram. Many people think that halal is just about food. Halal, though, covers much more than food. Halal literally means “permitted.” Halal means any morally permissible or healthy action. “Halal food” is food that’s permitted to eat because it meets stringent ethical and ritual requirements.

Our humans and robots validate every single data point on our platform, from actual restaurant listings to address information and open and close times, including any content that is uploaded and tagged by users. We have meticulously verified information such as halal options and slaughter methods.

We believe that finding halal food should not be hard. Our app provides the worlds most amazing halal foodie experience and up-to-date data. Easily find halal food near you. Call a place, rate and find on map, follow, add and view review and photo.

We’ve created a halal-foodie centered 
platform to help you easily find halal food. Become URBAN HALAL's brand champion by inviting all your friends to
 our platform. Download the app and see what all the crave is about.